Easter Events at a Craft Pub Near You


Easter is here, and that can only mean one thing: a four-day weekend to spend in the pub with all your mates!

And you're in luck - your favourite local pub has a whole host of things to enjoy.

Why not make the most of our great offers on food and drink or our 2-for-1 cocktails deal?*

Or go one further - what about a bottomless brunch featuring the most extensive range of boozy drinks you can find?**

Our pubs will also be putting on special Easter events to spice your Easter weekend up even more. Check out what your local is offering via the pub finder below before booking for Easter weekend!

*Please note that some sites do not offer food and some sites do not offer 2-for-1 on cocktails.
**Please note that some sites do not offer bottomless brunch. For those in our Scottish pubs, this will be Boozy Brunch where drinks are limited to 6 per person.