Celebrate Halloween In Your Local Craft Pub!

Creep it real this October and celebrate Halloween in your local Craft Pub.
We have plenty of boo's and enough trick or treats to go round, including some new fangtastic limited edition gin cocktails and the chance to win yourself some spooky prizes courtesy of Dead Man's Fingers. 

Find out more below or search for your local Craft Pub.

Dead Man's Fingers & Ginger Ale Play to win

🎃 Halloween 🎃

Throughout October in our Craft Pubs when you order a Dead Man's Fingers & Ginger Ale you could win yourself some spooktastic prizes!

Every drink is topped with an edible QR code which you scan on your phone to play the haunted house of games.

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Drink Up Witches

Our Craft Pubs have spooktacular deals on bombs this October, perfect to help you get the party started this Halloween.

Enjoy 2 bombs as part of the offer:

- JagerBomb

- Vodkabomb

- Skittlebomb

- Honeybomb

- Firebomb

Find your local Craft Pub below for more information on offer prices

Find Your Local

Try our Trio Of Witches

Here for the boo's?

Why not trick or treat yourself to our delicious limited edition gin cocktails this Halloween.

Available to try in your local Craft Pubs from October 22nd!

Trio of witches Tanqueray Blackcurrant Royale

Basic Witch

Tanqueray Blackcurrant Royale Gin with Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic
served with fresh blackberries and spooky pipettes filled with blackcurrant syrup.


Trio Of Witches Tanqueray Flor De Sevila

Witch Please

Tanqueray flor de Sevilla gin with Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic
served with a slice or juicy orange & spooky pipettes filled with orange curacao syrup.

Trio Of Witches Tanqueray Rangpur & Lime

Resting Witch Face

Tanqueray Rangpur lime gin & Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic
served with lime wedges and spooky pipettes filled with Monion Pomme Verte.

Book For Halloween

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