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Get Ready for NEW Delicious Eats and Refreshing Drinks!

Our new menu lands in London - London Bridge on Tuesday 8th March, and it's our biggest and best yet here at The Bridge Tap.

We've got some totally new concepts as well as additional ingredients to boost some old favourites. Saying we're excited is an understatement!

Think tempting topped fries, sapid small plates and mouth-watering new coatings for our chicken and cauli wings.

Check out some of our new options below (calorie information can be found at the bottom of the page) or make a booking now to try something new!

Selection of All-Day Brunch Dishes

Let's Do Brunch!

Pub breakfast is the new pub lunch. Why else would we make our breakfast options so extensive and delicious?

For those of you who like to feast first thing, we've got The Big Breakfast and the Vegetarian Breakfast to satisfy those savourings. Or perhaps you'd like your Breakfast All Wrapped Up (we'll let you work out what that is).

If a full breakfast isn't your kind of thing, don't worry - we've got some options a little smaller but just as exciting! Why not try our Mex-Melt Quesadilla (VG) or our inspired Sweet-A-Bisc (V) or Smashed Avo Crumpets (V)?!

Available until noon everyday. Your brunch, sorted.

Selection of Pizzas

Brand New Pizzas are Here!

The ultimate timeless classic - have you ever heard of anyone who gets bored of pizza?

And we've got a ton of options for you to sink your teeth into. All our pizzas are hand-stretched and stone-baked, giving you the best flavour pizza can offer.

We've got The Mighty MeatA Load of Pepperoni and more for the meat lovers and the Jack The Lad for the vegans. We've got everything in between too, just in case you want to mix it up a bit.

That's before we've even mentioned our Pizza Cones: a rolled-up pizza FILLED with triple-cooked chips and cheese sauce!

Selection of Cocktails

Drinks, Drinks, Drinks

It doesn't matter what taste you're looking for - we'll have it here on our drinks menu here at The Bridge Tap!

Be-gin the evening right with a sweet Whitley Neill Raspberry Gin, or perhaps you're more into your citrussy light gins like Malfy Rosa or Gordon's Sicilian Lemon! You can even mix and match your gins in our awesome gin lab experience...

Of course, we'll bring you all the classics, but why not try something new like our Watermelon Sugar or Raspberry Cooler cocktails?

The truth is we can't really do our extensive drinks menu justice right here. We seriously recommend checking out our bursting-with-flavour drinks menu - you're certain to find something you love, from craft to wine via spirits!

Beef burger and chicken burger

Burgers & Dogs

We've got a load of options for you to try in this department. First, choose from beef, buttermilk chicken or grilled chicken, then pick one of our mouth-watering toppers: Hotter than Hell-OumiAngry HashThe Melt, or the huge Bourbon BB King!

We're huge fans of vegan food too here at The Bridge Tap, so you can also choose to top a no-beef or Quorn buttermilk fillet burger with the Sloppy No Joe (V) or the Keep it Simple (VG).

And Hot Dogs are here to stay - try Pork or Moving Mountains (VG) today. You can even top it with Mac 'n' Cheese...

Meatball Loaded Sub and Beef & Cheese Sub

Loaded Pub Subs

Sometimes you just need a quick sandwich to sort you out for lunch, but supermarket meal deals are so boring!

Push the boat out with a Cluck It Up loaded sub, or if you're feeling fancy, our Posh Fish Finger sub. We don't stop there - try our Guac Chick, Cheesy Joe, and Jacked & Smokin' (VG) too!

If subs aren't your thing, that's fine too - we present the Kickin' Chicken Quesadilla or the Feta & Avo Quesadilla (V). You've seen TikTok - you know how this works!

Lunch? Completed it mate.

Selection of Small Plates from New Menu

Small Plates

It's not easy deciding what you want to eat from a menu bursting with amazing options. Why not try a few small plates instead?

We've taken inspiration from all over the world with our brand-new small plates, with Japanese Karaage Chicken and Chicken or Veggie Gyozas, Mediterranean Crispy Calamari and Greek Halloumi Skewers!

You can even combine a few different delicacies with our Mexican Tasty Tacos: choose from Karaage coated chicken, BBQ beef burnt ends, BBQ pulled jackfruit (VG) or Halloumi (V)!

Enough small plates to keep you going for a while, we reckon. 😉

Want to know more new options?

Take a look at our full food and drink menus, including awesome vegan and NCGI options!

Calorie Information

Brunch: The Big Breakfast (1262 kcal); Vegetarian Breakfast (V) (939 kcal); Breakfast All Wrapped Up (785 kcal); Mex-Melt Quesadilla (VG) (767 kcal); Sweet-A-Bisc Crumpets (V) (974 kcal); Smashed Avo Crumpets (V) (840 kcal)

Pizzas: The Mighty Meat (1431 kcal); A Load of Pepperoni (1264 kcal); Jack the Lad (VG) (1345 kcal); Pizza Cone (2667 kcal)

Burgers & Dogs: Hotter than Hell-Oumi (+926 kcal); Angry Hash (+990 kcal); The Melt (+762 kcal); Bourbon BB King (+1022 kcal); Sloppy No Joe (V) (+884 kcal); Keep It Simple (VG) (+670 kcal); Pork Hot Dog (+971 kcal); Moving Mountains Hot Dog (VG) (+939 kcal)

Subs: Cluck it Up (1206 kcal); Posh Fish Finger (941 kcal); Guac Chick (1196 kcal); Cheesy Joe (899 kcal); Jacked & Smokin' (VG) (890 kcal); Kickin' Chicken Quesadilla (1009 kcal); Feta & Avo Quesadilla (VG) (1004 kcal)

Small Plates: Karaage Chicken (400 kcal); Chicken Gyoza (220 kcal); Veggie Gyozas (166 kcal); Crispy Calamari (448 kcal); Halloumi Skewers (429 kcal); Karaage Coated Chicken Tacos (286 kcal); BBQ Beef Burnt Ends Tacos (316 kcal); BBQ Pulled Jackfruit Tacos (VG) (294 kcal); Halloumi Tacos (V) (336 kcal)