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Pizza & a Drink Offer at The Yorkshire Grey

Enjoy our delicious pizza & drink deal all day everyday here at The Yorkshire Grey!

Hand-stretched sourdough stone-baked pizzas, all with a tomato sauce and a mozzarella & cheddar base.

Choose an option from below (calorie information can be found at the bottom of this page).

Choose a drink ...

Any pizza; plus a 16oz glass of Coke Zero, Diet Coke Or Schweppes Lemonade;
330ml bottle of Strathmore water; regular coffee; tea

Upgrade your drink for £1.00 extra
Upgrade to 175ml house wine or a pint of standard lager, cider or cask ale (under 4.5% ABV)

For £2.00 Extra
Go premium and choose from a selection of premium wine, lager, craft beer or Ciders.

Make sure you book a table at The Yorkshire Grey


T&C's apply *From a selected range. All products and offers are subject to availability. Food and drink must be purchased at the same time. Management reserves the right to refuse custom and/or withdraw/change offers (without notice), at any time.

Calorie Information

Easy Cheesy - 1049 kcal (VG-M option: 975 kcal)
BBQ Chicken Feast - 1298 kcal
Load of Pepperoni - 1264 kcal
The Mighty Meat - 1431 kcal
Chick Flick - 1197 kcal
Half Pizza and Half Salad - 675 kcal (Easy Cheesy) or 783 kcal (Pepperoni)

BBQ Duck - 1379 kcal
Buffalo Blue - 1576 kcal
Nice and Spice - 1481 kcal
BBQ Jackfruit - 1271 kcal

Coke Zero - 2 kcal
Diet Coke - 1 kcal
Schweppes Lemonade - 70 kcal
Strathmore Water - 0 kcal
Coffee - 1 kcal
Tea - 1 kcal